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Jenn will stamp your your passport to explore Europe's most delectable experiences, from savoring authentic Italian pasta in Rome to indulging in gourmet French pastries in Paris. She carefully crafts multi-leg itineraries not only immerse you in the rich cultures of Europe but also tantalize your taste buds with exquisite local cuisines. Whether you're a seasoned foodie or just curious to explore epicurean delights, allow Jenn to plan your next trip abroad.

Savor the Journey, One Bite at a Time. Explore Europe's finest flavors and unforgettable experiences!

Epic-curious European Destinations

"I wanted to go to France as a gift to myself. I was struggling with so many options to get this trip planned. When I decided to work with Savor Fare Travel Co., it was bliss. Jenn helped me plan the perfect vacation, which made me feel at ease and zero stress."

Wanda M.

We weren’t sure we were going to be able to afford a cruise for our 40th wedding anniversary because we had just had a lot of work done to our house. We were struggling to find an affordable cruise in a short amount of time. We were referred to Savor Fare Travel Co. to help us see if we could plan a cruise within our budget and with specific dates due to our work schedules. Jenn helped us find the perfect anniversary cruise on Princess. She presented three different options and explained to us why she felt these were best for us and even recommended which would be best for us to take. After her professionalism, care, and support we were so glad we listened. We had the best 40th Anniversary cruise and she was able to get us booked and our cruise within 30 days! We were so grateful as we weren’t sure we could make it happen, but with Jenn’s help we did!

Rachel S.

My wife and I have been cruising since our honeymoon, over 50 years now. We tend to pick the same cruise and the same cruise line. We were struggling with new ideas of where to go and when for our next cruise. We decided to work with Savor Fare Travel Co. because Jenn gave us such great insight that we’ve never considered before. Plus, since she is a member of Pickles Travel Network who is affiliated with Virtuoso, we got some amazing benefits and bonuses on our cruise. Jenn helped us feel inspired to think outside of the box for our next cruise even though we’ve been doing this for years. We had an amazing experience and will definitely be using her again!

Terri B.

Where dreams come true, and Christie caters to every guest, Especially those with food allergies. As our resident Disney expert she ensures your Disney adventure is not only magical but also safe and delicious. From gluten-free to allergen-friendly dining, she'll make sure you savor every moment of your Disney experience without worry. 

Destination Disney with Christie 

Your Magical Adventure, Catering to Every Palate – Because Food Allergies Should Never Hinder the Disney Dream!

We're your compass to ocean cruising, river voyages, and all-inclusive resorts that'll make a splash  Dive into endless fun and relaxation—no life jacket required! Let's make navigate the world's waters together. 

Where Adventure Sets Sail and Every Wave's a New Chapter in Your Ship-tastic Tale!

Sailing the Waters of the World

Pack your bags and let's spice up your adventure! The next course on our travel menu: Fun-filled memories and delicious experiences!

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We'll create a travel proposal more exciting than a surprise suitcase filled with joy and tacos!  You have the opportunity to revise up to three (3) times

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