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I'm here to guide and assist you, providing the information and research you need for your destination choices. My goal is to alleviate the stress that often accompanies the myriad of options in planning your ideal vacation.

In the world of travel, there's a wealth of information to collect, numerous options to explore, and a multitude of details to attend to.  My commitment is to simplify and address every step of this process, ensuring a seamless and delightful experience for you and your loved ones.

I'm Jenn, a Certified Travel Advisor

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Aspiring to Travel to the Philippines, Led to the Birth of Her Travel Agency.

Jenn's journey into the travel industry was a unique one, shaped by her diverse professional background. Her career path encompassed roles as a Human Resource Manager, Financial Analyst, and even a Systems Engineer for the Department of Defense. It wasn't until she embarked on her entrepreneurial venture, leaving the DOD behind, that she had the opportunity to explore beyond the east coast. It was during a transformative trip to Bali that Jenn's life and perspective on travel underwent a profound change.

Bali became the soul-stirring journey that allowed Jenn to fully immerse herself in the rich culture, exquisite cuisine, and vibrant lifestyle of the Pacific Islands. In this enchanting place, she found a sense of belonging, as Bali's culture resonated deeply with her Filipino roots. It was during this transformational trip that Jenn discovered her passion for curating experiences that would help others expand their horizons through food and immersive adventures, much like the travel agent did for her own unforgettable journey.

Off the beaten path, I discovered more than my passion...

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I'm a vintage country boho chic, grooving to my 90's and 2000's tunes. Catch me turning my car into a podcast paradise – where learning meets fun!" πŸŽΆπŸš—


My heart swells with joy when I snuggle up with my fur-babies, Sam & Callen, and savor a delicious cup of coffee – a perfect moment when I'm not jet-setting! πŸΎβ˜•πŸ’•


I crossed paths with my husband at a bar, and guess what? He was the handsome bouncer who swept me off my feet!


My morning routine kicks off with my gratitude journal and affirmations, setting the tone for a day filled with positivity and good vibes!


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Diving deep into research to curate options and information that align perfectly with your dream vacation goals – because you deserve nothing but the best

As your dedicated advocates and destination mavens, we're by your side throughout the entire planning journey. Where there's uncertainty, expect us to provide comprehensive explanations and expert recommendations. Your dream vacation, your way

Accessing exclusive suppliers accessible only to travel advisors, we're committed to curating unforgettable, one-of-a-kind experiences that will have you returning for encore vacations. 

Drawing on our niche expertise and strong ties with premium suppliers, we deliver crystal-clear, concise information that empowers you to make informed decisions about uncharted destinations. 

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